May 29

Wow! in Southland

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We were so impressed when we visited the Wow World of Wearable Arts in Nelson, that when we heard there was a collection on display in HERE IN SOUTHLAND, we didn’t hesitate to visit!  Fancy that, packing up all those lovely outfits and bringing them all the way down South Smile.

And if you saw the outfits, and how delicate some of them are – you’d really wonder how they did pack them – with lots of care I think… you also wonder how they got them on the models.  I think the models would have to visit the ‘Lle Chwech’ before dressing, and not drink anything for a few hours…!  Imagine – being dressed in wood, or metal, for the day…

The best thing about visiting the collection, is the interactive displays, which means you can see video clips of how each outfit was worn on the model and it’s display at the Annual Show that it featured in.  That really makes the difference, to see how the garment moved in the show.  It’s on our ‘to do’ list to go see the show one year… (in Wellington).

So, if you live in Southland – you can get in to see this collection at the Southland Museum at half the price (take proof of address).  That makes it $5 per adult and $2 per child.  But… you only have until the middle of June (2012) to visit…

p.s. sorry no photos, not allowed!

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